Mikey Boulerice – Underage Assassin for Hire



While most seven to ten-year-old boys were building ramps for their bicycles and trading baseball cards on the playground, I was fastening G.I. Joes to Popsicle stick crucifixes and setting them on fire with matches stolen from the kitchen.

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MIKEY BOULERICE: UNDERAGE ASSASSIN FOR HIRE is a fascinating coming-of-age essay about the author’s fumbling childhood, in which his obsession with dark subject matter comes to a head in a way that’s as heart-warming as it is hilarious. Whether you’re the parent of a misunderstood child, grew up with one in the neighborhood or happen to have been one yourself (and who wasn’t?), this window into Michael’s life will give pause for thought and put a smile on your face.

A presentation of an imaginative, aggressive and sometimes well out of normal societal bounds man whose humanity and gentleness emerge as being just as amplified as the antisocial behavior.

This new tale follows MIKE VS. THE DRIVEWAY as Michael Boulerice’s second Amazon-exclusive release and further solidifies his reputation as one of today’s most interesting up-and-coming storytellers.