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Hi everyone! 

I’ve managed to get my hands on the infamous sold-out Paqui Chips “One Chip Challenge “, a single carolina reaper dusted tortilla chip that is hailed by many as unbearable / agonizing / a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong. I’ll be taping myself eating it in order to raise money for local legend Amy Kutsenkow ‘s annual charity drive, in which she purchases Christmas gifts, coats, food, and other necessary items for less fortunate children in the Mount Washington Valley here in New Hampshire.

Once we feel like we’ve collected enough money, I’ll record myself doing the deed and post the video on social media, where people will make fun of my red, sweating face for all time. 

So please, open your hearts (and your wallets), donate what you can, and get ready to watch me charbroil my internal organs in the name of holiday charity.

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~ Mike

Written by Mike